Who We Are

Wellpoint Dewatering System Installation


TerrFirma’s Leaders: Driving a Revolution in Groundwater Control Services

Our founders saw the need for a safety-minded, qualified groundwater control services organization with the desire to conduct a professional business relationship with their customers. By combining their vast experiences in many types of construction projects, the TerraFirma revolution began with these three strategic elements:


Providing quality dewatering services requires a breadth of experience and innovation that will meet any specific construction need. TerraFirma’s founders have a proven record of accomplishment with many projects requiring deep excavations, including athletic stadiums, hospitals, high-rise facilities, transportation facilities, airports, tunnels, power plants, dams, waterways, petrochemical plants, and municipal infrastructure sites such as pumping stations, treatment plants, and sewer and gas pipelines. The breadth of TerraFirma’s leadership, experience and innovation in these areas ensures a level of unmatched speed and effectiveness to meet tight construction schedules and budgets, and most importantly, without sacrificing worker safety.


Providing ongoing training and certification while meeting the regulatory requirements of all local, state, and federal regulations is critical to the successful completion of any construction project. TerraFirma believes that this level of commitment to a safe working environment is a necessity in protecting our employees and our clients from a wide range of complex project circumstances. All safety activities are continuously reviewed and updated to keep our employees aware of and proficient in new safety policies and procedural methods. We call this plan “Target Zero”, and its goal is to achieve zero accidents or injuries during eash of our construction dewatering projects. The benefits of a zero injuries program result in:

  • Protection for TerraFirma and subcontractor employees, and our clients.
  • A highly motivated and productive work force.
  • The best quality workmanship possible.
  • Cost-effective projects.
  • Better business results.

TerraFirma is committed to developing a culture of employees functioning as their own safety representatives. With this strategy, our goal of achieving “Target Zero” accidents becomes a more manageable and obtainable reality.


In order to ensure a successful groundwater project, clients must feel confident that they are working with an efficient, effective, and predictable subcontractor focused on meeting their expectations. A critical component of this strategy is built on employing frequent and effective communications with the client, along with a professional organization that is made up of qualified, experienced personnel and resources that bring a high level of integrity to TerraFirma as part of our overall work ethic.

TerraFirma Earth Technologies was founded on the principles of professionalism, respect, safety, expertise, and trust—qualities that have been lacking in the dewatering industry. It is critical that any construction project begin on solid ground. The application of an effective dewatering process ensures the placement of the foundation will be successful. Backed by 43+ years of combined industry experience, we use our expertise in geology, building infrastructure, and business to deliver solid solutions for our customers.

David Giles, President

David Giles has 18 years experience as a geologist in groundwater control for both the construction and remediation sectors, coupled with 26 years of successful work in marketing, sales, and operations for the ground water control industry. Mr. Giles provides the direction and the tools required to lead TerraFirma in its continuous effort exceed the stringent demands of our clients. Critical to TerraFirma’s success is Mr. Giles’ unique ability to determine the approach that will lead to the highest value for our clients.

Josh Peltier, Project Manager, Partner

Utilizing his degree in Management Information Systems from Baylor University and extensive computer skills, Mr. Peltier leads TerraFirma in creative approaches to business development and customer and project management. Mr. Peltier’s talent for maximizing efficiency in the field adds value to each of our projects and to our client’s bottom line.

Nasser Amiry, P.E. – Senior Project Engineer

Mr. Amiry has deep experience as an engineer, with 12 years specifically in the dewatering industry, having developed and implemented design-build solutions for construction dewatering and groundwater control using deep wells, wellpoints, and ejector systems. He has a proven talent for maximizing efficiency and ensuring safety—two items critical to the success of specialty construction.