We Work Below Waterlevel So You Don’t Have To

Lake Conroe Dam Relief Well Rehab

TerraFirma performed the pilot study for the SJRA Lake Conroe Relief Well Rehabilitation project to help develop a maintenance program to ensure the integrity of the Lake Conroe Dam, and the peace of mind of the local residents.

At TerraFirma, we work below the waterlevel so that you don’t have to. We recently executed a pilot study to determine the best practices for maintaining the relief well system of Lake Conroe Dam in Conroe, Texas. The relief wells help to ensure the integrity of the Lake Conroe Dam. Originally constructed in the 1960’s, the relief wells are an integral part of ensuring the lasting integrity of the dam. The San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA), contracted TerraFirma to assist their engineering consultants to develop a maintenance program to rehabilitate the wells to ensure that they continue to operated as originally designed.

From rehabilitating and maintaining existing relief and dewatering wells, to installing complex temporary dewatering solutions; Terrafirma works below the waterlevel to ensure that you don’t have to. Our groundwater control systems and maintenance programs minimize the impact of groundwater on your projects, resulting in safer and more efficient operations and outcomes.

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