TerraFirma is constantly striving to add value to our offerings and to earn our position as the leader in the groundwater control services industry. TFexcelerators are our background services that create additional value for clients, beyond our P2E Process and Target Zero safety program. We use a three-pronged approach to ensure the highest value to our clients:


Our capabilities underlie our P2E Process™. These capabilities include equipment, operational, and knowledge assets.

TerraFirma maintains industry-leading equipment capabilities, allowing us to efficiently mobilize, install, and demobilize our dewatering systems. These are crucial to safe and efficient operations, but must be backed up by a strong and developed workforce. TerraFirma employs only highly trained personnel to install our groundwater control systems. We are always looking for opportunities to refine our procedures and operations to add value and increase client satisfaction. This is crucial on the jobsite, where space is critical, and often several operations are in progress simultaneously.

Behind our operations personnel, we have vast experience in the analysis and design of efficient groundwater control systems. Our founders have 43+ years combined experience in the dewatering industry. We have also built a wide network of professional resources to ensure that our systems are thoroughly and properly designed, reducing the risk of underperforming systems. Conversely, our expert crew ensures systems are not over-built and therefore not cost-efficient for the contractor.


TerraFirma is dedicated to implementing technology in areas that help us to better serve our clients. One way we do this is through the leveraging of cloud services. For example, is a cloud-based application that allows us to collaborate with clients throughout the project lifecycle.

Using, we create an online website for our projects. Clients have 24/7 access to our latest updates and information. When a client has information or documents they need to deliver to TerraFirma, they have the ability to upload directly to the project website.

This tool is useful in all stages of a project. During the bidding phase, clients are able to provide TerraFirma with the most recent drawings, specifications and addendums required for an accurate dewatering proposal and bid. Daily reports, safety information, and other data can be stored on the website during the installation, giving the client access to critical information regarding their project. Once a system is in place, water levels can be tracked, and maintenance information recorded for easy reference.


Professionalism and integrity are key characteristics TerraFirma is constantly striving for and delivering to our clients. We believe that to be successful, we must always deal with our customers as we expect others to deal with us. We are committed to offering “No-B.S.” estimates because we believe that the only way for us to thrive is to offer consistent and expected results in line with what we have stated we will deliver. When problems do arise, TerraFirma will always strive for solutions to benefit all parties.

TFexcelerators are the core of TerraFirma. They enable us to implement our P2E Process™ and deliver exceptional value to our clients. Contact us for your next project. We will provide you with an honest bid and a predictable, efficient groundwater control system.