The P2E Process

The P2E Proccess

One of the most critical phases of any construction project takes place at the beginning, when the application of a highly effective dewatering process ensures that the placement of the foundation is successful. To deliver consistent project success, TerraFirma has developed its P2E Process™:


The complexities involved with a groundwater control system require an extensive amount of planning before any installation work can begin. At TerraFirma, we conduct a thorough site investigation and properly account for a wide variety of outcomes, rather than address project problems when they take place. Addressing problems at the last minute often causes project delays and extended completion timelines–adding additional cost to the project. At TerraFirma we plan thoughtfully and execute with confidence.


TerraFirma’s extensive construction and dewatering experience coupled with our careful planning process yield predictable results. Our extensive array of background industry expertise and our dedication to professionalism, integrity, safety adherence, effective communication, and detailed documentation ensure that the dewatering component of your construction project will meet all of the specified plans and goals.


Efficiency, without sacrificing safety, results in cost effective projects and better business results. At TerraFirma, we believe “cutting corners” to increase profits compromises every facet of the work phase, and leads to vulnerabilities in worker safety. These circumstances often lead to delays and injuries that can significantly increase the cost of the project.


TerraFirma believes that choosing a qualified groundwater control contractor is just as important to your construction project as the accuracy of your architectural plans, the quality of your material, and the talent of your workforce. Because of our P2E Process™, TerraFirma’s clients can be confident that they are working with an efficient, effective, and predictable subcontractor focused on meeting their expectations in a safe and efficient manner, on time, and within budget.