Hanover River Oaks

Deepwell dewatering system at Hanover River Oaks in Houston, Texas

TerraFirma was selected to provide the groundwater control solution for the Hanover River Oaks project by The Hanover Company. The project is a new mixed used residential and retail complex located in the bustling River Oaks area of Houston, Texas. The complex project consists of multiple subgrade elevations all of which penetrate below the natural groundwater. TerraFirma developed a dewatering system consisting of 16 deepwell dewatering wells to draw down the groundwater level below the deepest subgrade. Initially, it was anticipated to utilize an additional wellpoint dewatering system around the deepest mat foundation for the elevator core, but the deepwell system performed so well that this was not needed, resulting in a $45,000 savings for our customer.

During the initial drawdown operation, the site experienced a power outage due to severe weather conditions. As a part of our design methodology (the P2E Process), we incorporated an auto-restart feature which brought the dewatering system back online automatically once power was restored. As a part of the auto-restart feature, each well is brought online in a subsequent fashion to not only bring the well back online, but will do so in a manner which will not trip the built in breakers by overloading it by multiple wells starting at the same time.

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