Meet Joe Wiley

At TerraFirma Earth Technologies, we build trusting relationships that withstand the test of time. It all boils down to the right people. Smart ones, like our new environmental scientist, Joe Wiley. Joe earned his Masters Degree in Environmental Science & Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines and has worked over 5 years in environmental […]

Terrafirma Implements

Terrafirma is constantly seeking ways to leverage technology to better serve our customers. We have recently implemented as a collaborative platform for sharing project information. By hosting project documents on, we are able to ensure that clients always have access to the project files and information they need, when they need it. This […]

Terrafirma Earth Technologies Returns

Dewatering the Rio Grande River

Today we are pleased to announce, TerraFirma has separated itself  from  Moretrench America Corporation, and is once again operating independently as TerraFirma Earth Technologies, LTD. We will continue to work closely with Moretrench on our current projects, as well as future projects where we can share and draw upon each other’s unique services and capabilities; however, TerraFirma’s focus […]